Sunday, 1 March 2015

Life is worth exploring !

Hello it's March already!

How time really flies and here I am appreciating all the positive vibe in my life. God, I love my life a lot. Having to know how life is worth exploring makes me think how wasted my life was during that few years back.

But now, I am here not to regret about the past but to appreciate about all the little good things I have now. I may not have everything that I want now but at least I found a piece of happiness and bit of peace.

I also started to appreciate positive things in life. Although I have to admit I could not run from negative vibe but still I am trying harder not to be in that group and if I have to be - I tried to convert it into some positive re-charge

So basically, February has treated me good. I've accomplished few little goals in my life which is not important to you but it is very important to me.

I bought an Iphone which I always wanted. And guess what?. I fall in love with it from the moment iI hold it.It's simple and modern. Although too many negative vibe about why I shouldn't get an Iphone - this time I really really  not interested to hear about what other people say or think about it anymore. Because you know why, it's my life.

I also started to explore some south-east local foods. And, I made the first move last month by choosing Vietnam famous Pho noodles. Not up to my standard but at least I can proudly say to people that I've tried Pho noodles.

So, that was it.

Stay strong and gorgeous.

Pho Noodle

Prawn Rolls

Kiwi + Green Apples



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