Tuesday, 1 July 2014

It wasn't a bad thing at all.

After so long, I am back from my hiatus. It will never be the same writing here compared to my previous blog. Now, I've realized how much I grow fat and how much dull is my blog. I'll promise I will better soon.

They day was automatically changed after I hit my new job. It wasn't that bad but sometime I realized how much I am missing my old job. However, there is no point brought up things which already happened. I know my life is worth it. I just need to work harder to catch my dreams.

For now, I have the plan to en-roll myself on some professional cert. and activities. I do this, because I don't want to wake up and regret about my incompleteness. So here it is:

2. Mandarin Class
3. Music class - Guitar
4. Pilates

So all I want is Patience and strong will !

It wasn't that bad at all yo!



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