Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Forgive and let go.

Today marked my second day at work. I am happy to say that I found one Sabahan friend here. The best part, she sit next to my desk and the moment I knew that we came from the same place, I can't stopped talking to her. I talked to her like I've known her for 10 years already.

My first day was all about the company history, the do's and the don't. After that, I was left at my desk doing nothing and I ended up reading all the emails. It was 200 plus emails and I read them all. Not really like read them all completely lah....baca permulaan sikit,tengah-tengah,pastu ending. Lol.

So far, everything just fine for now. And, I thank you Lord for always guide me to the right path even sometimes I am stubborn and lose faith in you. I thank you for never let me go. Amen.

Anyway, I would like to share one story about somebody dear to me. She was married like 3 years ago or so. She finally, chose to file her divorce because of her abusing husband. The saddest thing was that, her husband took away her only child. And left her with tons of debts. She decided to leave and moved to a new place with some hopes that she can start a new life. But just recently, her ex came to her house and took the car which she has been driving for three years already. And that happened when she was away from the city.
She didn't make much comment about that but I can sense her pain.

As a female, I felt sad and pain for her. I know how it feels when someone who are very dear to us did something hurtful like that. In her case, the husband took away the son and run while she was working. He gave no sign nor warning. And after that, you leave her with all the debts and after so many years, after all what you did to her, you came back and took away the only thing that left. I don't understand with this kind of attitude. You claimed that she destroyed your life, but you never think yourself what have you done to her. You are not even giving any financial support to your family beside you beat her to almost dead. And now, you said she destroyed your life. As a friend to her and as a friend to you once, and if you are reading this, I hope God show you the right way. Everyone did mistakes. She, you, me - everyone of us have flaws.

Sometimes, the things just don't work out. And the more you force it to happen the more ugly it will be. Trust me, no point to keep hatred for the love which you can't get. That is painful to love someone who doesn't loved you back, I know. But human feeling is not a robot which you can programme. When it doesn't meant for you, it will never be no matter how hard you want it. It will never be. So why force? Why revenge?. You may hurt their feeling just for that temporary but for the long run that will hit you back.

Dear friends out there, I know it is pain to love someone who never love you back. Forgive and let go. With that, you can forget.

Pray and never lose faith to God dear friend.

Stay in love. Good night.


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