Saturday, 22 March 2014


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I mean what is so fuckin' wrong to add all the childhood friends on your Facebook?. But now I realized how wrong I was. I can't have a peace of night without him sending me a text on the Facebook. And now, I could say that he did that almost every night.

His name is Albert. We were a childhood friends before he moved to another city.Few years later on, when we done with high school, I heard that he got married.He got married at his 20 after he found out that his girlfriend is pregnant. And soon after that, I did not hear anything from him anymore.

We were never that close when we were kids.In fact, I hate him a lot. He was the ugliest boy I've ever seen when I was a kid. But just the other day, he told me how much he regretted of leaving the town.

 "If I never leave, maybe there will be a chances for us to be in a relationship."
     ( Kalo sia tidak pindah, mesti ada sudah peluang tu kan kita couple.)

"Don't be stupid. Why would you think so?."
( Buduh ba ko ni. Napa juga ko pkir gtu..)

"Because you are the prettiest."
( abis ko cantik betul ba. )

Now that explained, why he always nice to me when were a kid. But I don't feel the same way. So I was just his crush.

This world is a crazy place!


  1. at least now i know you are miss not avocado!
    eiiiii..lain jg c albert ni,suda kawin mau text2 urg gitu.. yaiiiii,, hahahah

    1. Oh yeah, that's what we called,"childhood crush". Yes, I am a miss.



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