Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Stop Bully and Learn To Fight Back.

I couldn't sleep. I am practically has been an insomniac lately. No, it wasn't about the coffee. I'd stop taking caffeine for such a long time already. Could it be because I miss my country?.

Frankly, I will be coming home this Thursday. SK is away to Bali for a week and I have nowhere to go. This city is lovely but I just couldn't figure out what to do without him. So, tomorrow will be my second interview. I've rejected one interview today as I do not prefer to work on Saturday. The best part is, she can shoot me back by saying I'd informed her last minute. How last minute could it be as I told her 4 hours before?.Being me, I shoot her back. I know I am a foreigner but please I do not take that as one of the reason to bully me."Please Inai, jangan ko men-men sama sa ah."

Just a moment ago, SK asked me for a late night supper at Lavender. I told him,"No". Because I just don't feel like to and my money is running low. I'd say this because, before I left the country, my aunty taught me that sometime we have to learn how to say no to friends. She said, it is okay to be selfish. Because most of the time, people prioritize themselves first before friendship. Either you agree or disagree with me, this is the fact of life that everyone have to admit. Honestly, I started to agree with her. We live in a wild world,ain't we?

Alright,good night. Wish me luck for tomorrow.

P/S, I am a big fan of Avocado. You can call me Avo but that's not my name.


  1. Hi avo. Ur writing remind me of one of my blogger fren.. So i go visit her site just now(by clicking her old comment in one of my post) and guess what? U guys turn out to be the same person. Awwww.. No wonder la mcm hampir sama saja ni.. Aiyaaa,lambat btl o sy tau. Haha.. Btw, good luck for tomorrow miss avo!! :-)

  2. Avo? What a nice nickname ;)
    You remind me of Wild World song by Cat Stevens. I like that song.
    "people prioritize themselves first before friendship" ..yeah, been there, done that. couldn't agree more..



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