Friday, 21 March 2014

Newbie and Fat.

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The thing about moving to a new place is that you have to familiarize the street and getting to know the new neighbourhood. I am not so used to converse in Chinese. The only communication that I am good at is English. And honestly, I missed my mother-tongue.

The first week when I was here, I spent almost everyday watching movie online. SK brought me for a movie with some of his good friends that I barely know on the first day when I reach here. Then I spent the rest of the week by sleeping. ( I guess )

I bet he can sense my boredom,and finally he invited me for a short work out with his childhood friend Alan. It has been like so many many years that I have never done any badminton. To think back, I am quite a joke on that day. I barely can't hit the shuttle cock and my stamina was a failure.

I soon realized  how much I need to do a work out . I can't even take it even for 15-minutes.
I am fat. I am just fat and I hate it.



  1. hi avocado or newbie. (sorry,i don't know your real name and i can't seems to find it anywhere on your blog)
    thank you for visiting my blog and emmm welcome to blogging world!!
    yess, now i got new blog to stalk to! haha

    1. Avocado has been my favourite fruit ever.Not that new though. But thanks for following me. I've saved you in my favourite.



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