Thursday, 3 April 2014

Be Like Kiwi

When I was a kid, I have wrote quite a number of lists about my dream man. I used to fantasize my dream man as attentive,faithful, loyal and understanding. Plus a bit sense of humour will be good. And to add, romantic. Not forgetting, respect to one another.

I'd like the idea about a man who surprises his girlfriend. I'd like the idea about a man who holds his girl's hands and hug her most of the time when they walk down the street. I'd like the idea about a man who tells his girl how much he is into her. But in reality, you will never going to meet a perfect man who lived like what you have in your fantasy world.

In search of true love I've stumble with some stupid ass-hole may it from working place,friends of friends or online dating ( nah, I am kidding ).

The thing about me. I have an addictive thinking. There are time when I do judge based on first impression. There are times when I shoot a question and when they hit the wrong answer, I'll just back off. And of course, it never bring me to that true love after-all.

Until one day, someone asked me about my definition of true love. At some point, I want a relationship like a fairy-tales. Like the Cinderella or Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. Honestly, it's killing me but fairy tales never exist. We can't keep a man with us 24/7 if that's what we called attentive. We can't change a man according to your needs because they are not a dog. Nonetheless, you are lucky if they hit 80% of your wishlist.

So, I have to admit that I am quite a perfectionist. But when it come to finding the right person, trust me nobody are perfect enough. Will it fair enough if I say, we have to judge ourselves first before we put the point on someone?.

Morale of the stories, when he choose you that's because you meant everything for him. Like I say, nobody are perfect so learn to appreciate.

P/S and please stop the addictive thinking. Be like kiwi. Green and peace.


  1. 100% agree with you avo!
    last time i checked my bf wasn't the first person to call me on my birthday last year and he only text me early in the morning wishing happy birthday, no apologize , no gift and i was so disappointed!
    i didn't tell him instead i make a silent revenge by giving me expensive gift i could afford on his birthday last january and also prepare cakes for him. and then i told him the reason i'm doing that for him is because i don't want he feel the same way i feel last year when someone so special to me ignore my birthday.
    he apologize and said that he never think that birthday was such a huge deal since he don't really celebrate his own birthday. for him birthday is just a date that happen to be the same date we born. nothing else.

    not all people thinking the same as we are.
    and there's no perfect gf/bf, just the right bf/gf.
    there's things we need to accept with our open heart.

    1. Hi Lilly,

      I still have a long list of the idea of my perfect man. But I don't think so I am going to pursue them anymore. Though, how much I really want a perfect relationship just like what I saw on the Tv or read in the book because like you said, there is no perfect gf/bf JUST the right bf/gf.



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