Thursday, 17 April 2014

Stop Worrying

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Disappointment is one of life's most uncomfortable feeling. Disappointment can be anger, frustration and hurt or emotion that I couldn't describe by words.
I used to get disappointed very fast when my needs doesn't meet my expectations. I woke up from sleep one day and realized that I am getting worse. I get disappointed over some little things very fast. I let it affected the people surround me.

Disappointment and expectation makes me a negative person. I couldn't live happily when I was in Malaysia. I spent most of my precious time worrying over things that I should not.

One day, a person who is very dear to me suggested if I could consider to start over somewhere out from my cocoon. It has been running over my mind since then before I finally decided to move here a couple of months ago.

It didn't start very well of course. I got hiccups here and there. But then, I believe most people do face some kind of dilemma to let go and holding to past. It has been two months now and everything are just so new to me. I am getting know the people and the places here. It just felt like I am starting all over again from zero.

But I like it.

So here I write down some of the guide that I practised along the way to be the positive and happy me.

1. Give myself a permission to fully feel the pain. From there I slowly build an acceptance to the situation that I am dealing with.
2. Avoid unrealistic expectation.
3. Be true.
4.Think positive.

We all live under some circumstances that are not ideal. But, it''s not life is the problem.

P/S I finally got a job :)



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