Friday, 11 April 2014

Get Your Information Correct.

It happened to be that one of my longest good friend invited me for a group whatsapp chat. It was good to chat and re-unite with the old schoolmates. But it turned out ugly when one of them acted like they knows everything about you where they don't.

I felt that was quite annoying especially when it involves false information. Like, "Ouh dia di Singapore bah tu sebab sa dingar dia kawin Chinese Singaporean."

Feel like I want to slap her straight to the face and let her learn how to get the information right first before she open her mouth. One thing about being the orang kampung who is kepoh and busybody is they never get the information correct and always came up with their great make-up stories. "Bayangkan bah,yang tinggal jauh berpuluh ratus ribu pun dia buli dapat update cerita konon,kalau betul tidak apa juga."

I'd like to tell you a story about what had happened to one of my friend. She work as a Programmer and one day she go back to her home town for a short holiday. As usual, the orang kampung kepoh asking about what is her job in Kuala Lumpur. So she keep repeating that she works as a Programmer. Little did she know, after some time- there was a rumor saying that she work as a GRO. We as a friend was like, what the hell is going on. The best part is, her old mother believed all the rumours about. "Ini unsur fitnah ni."

Luckily, she have a brother here and the brother help to explain to the mother about what is her job and what is she doing.

I am not looking down on those person who is not highly educated. But as a human being, can we just get the detail right before we open the mouth?. Sometime, those old chaps especially mothers ( not all but some) when rumour hits they sometime fall in to.

But sometime really, it is a waste of time to argue with orang kampung who think he or she knows everything. It is like talking to a stupido.


  1. Agreed. Cerita yang tiada2 pun boleh buat org popular di kampung. #truestory

    1. Hi Fay, agreed. I don't understand why they do that. Is it because too many free time or they enjoying doing that. I don't see any excitement of making up stories from any perspective at all.

  2. just like my neighbor! she told org kampung that my sister mau bertunang pada sekian sekian tarikh after she find out my sister have bf. siap ada tarikh lagi! my sister pun terkejut beruk. to stop the rumour she have to fake the story yg she broke up suda konon sama bf dia. barulah tutp cerita.. 2 kali 5 mcm nenek saya juga.. suka modified cerita ikut suka hati dia.. drng igt drng penulis drama kali. mesti mau sound tu org gitu!
    btw, happy wednesday avo!



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