Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My Guide To Happy Life


I've been talking much about my love relationship in the previous blog that I'd really forget what exactly I want in life. I've been focusing so much in finding a true perfect love. Once you've been into a wrecked relationship, all I could ever say is, I just want a perfect true love.

No. I won't talk about a relationship today. But I'll talk about how to live a happy life. And that would be :

1. Start saving now. Don't wait until you are in mid thirties. For now, I stick to the plan of keeping a $500 aside every month.
2. Start exercising. May it be running for a start. For now, I start doing badminton every Monday and during my free time.
3. Start exploring new things. For now, I start going for swimming. Honestly, I am scared with water. But this is one thing that I need to overcome.
4. Spend more time outside rather than the on-line stuffs.
5. Spend every weekend with the loved ones. I find that, time is ticking and it makes me think that I do not want to miss every bit of the moment with that someone special.
6. Do the give and take practice. Remember, men is not a dog. It is not hurt to share the loads. Perhaps, we could treat them once in a while rather than they keep on paying our foods and any other stuffs like that.
7. Start to eat more fruits rather than meat.
8. Start to love yourself. Every bodies are beautiful. Believe yourself and the confidence will bring the best of yourself.
9. Be positive.
10. Always believe to God and never stop praying.

Till then. Love always!!


  1. yeahhhh.. me to want to eat more veggie and fruit instead of meat!
    and start to save money each month. hehe



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