Saturday, 27 December 2014

Amory - Part 2

My daughter,

I wish you could read this. I wish you could hear me. You were just two years old when he took you away from me. Forgive me my child, I wish I could do better. There are times where I wish I could ever turned back time. 

It's bitter to let you go. It's hurt to know that you'll be growing up miles and miles away from me. It's hard going to sleep at night without a goodnight kiss. It's hard to wake up on weekend without you nagging for a milk. It's even too hard now knowing that we may probably will never have the chance to see each other anymore.

I miss you. I miss you a lot. Remember your first word, mi . That's for mommy. You were just two and the first word came from you was Mi . That makes me the proudest mommy in the world.

My child, my bless and prayer will be with you as always. May the good knowledge be with you. My prayer will be always be with you so that you will be growing up as ......


She could not finished her letter. She was devastated. She was staring at the window, looking at the snow falling down. Her eyes filled with tears.

The woman's strength is in love.

"You will never feel the pain that I have now!"....she screamed loudly inside her rooms.

She knew that even how long she write the letter, it will remain unpost. There were something that holding her back. Could it be some dark secret?. She look confused. Once she was the sweetest girl with a bright smile. She carry such a positive attitude and spread loves to everyone that she met.

But the bright smile slowly fading. Her tanned and toned skin becoming pale. She's no longer smile. She no longer talk that much. She wasn't that girl anymore. 

The pain that she had inside is destroying her slowly. Slowly from within.

"Will I ever found myself again?".

"I am dying inside..."



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