Saturday, 27 December 2014

What a day.

Another few more days before new year. And I am writing this post on boxing day, thinking that I might be busy with work or I might stuck with some heavy drink on new year~~~ nah, I'm just kidding. But seriously.

As always, I am thinking to stop writing. But my hand knows it well. Maybe I should born to be a writer instead. I've ever thinking to take up some writing class just four months ago but I figure out that was so so soon. Maybe I should wait a little while, you know - I just landed here and trying to make myself comfortable.

So, yeah! I am official on-leave today until this Saturday. Particularly that will be tomorrow. Decided to hit the gym after my long deep sleep but instead I wakes up at sharp 7:30am and get myself a chinese breakfast. Well, they called a food court here as canteen. Back at the school days, my brain recognize canteen only exist in school. But yeah, it's kind of different here. Canteen means a food court. I had my breakfast and hit back home. Thought that I can get back sleep again but for some reason - I felt like I am in the mood of spring-cleaning today! That so unusual me. SERIOUSLY.

So i cleaned the kitchen. Sweep the floor. Re-arrange my heels,running shoes,walking shoes,slippers and flats. Then i moved to my room, fold my dress, baby tee,pants etc etc...

To cut the story short - by the time I've finished everything, it was almost 2pm. TIRING!

Took my shower and watched some movies before I hit the sack and goes la la land.

What a day. I wish I can have this luxury times everyday.

Be grateful. Till then!!!


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