Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Wrapped Up

Last few months back, I started my first journey to explore Singapore. The first place I went was the Singapore Flyer. So this is the Singapore Flyer taken blurry via my Xiomi Phone.

This was the scenery from the top of Singapore Flyer. Basically, if you want something romantic you should come over at night. The view is more spectacular compared to the day light.

Two weeks after that, I went to the Garden By The Bay. I actually already bought a ticket earlier but boyfriend got a sponsored ticket in.

Honestly, I never know that they called this a Super Tree, I just got to know this recently. Before that, I called this "Pokok Rumbia" LoL.

Well, I 'll suggest to visit this place in the evening time as you can see the  lights from the super tree. It awesome. But I went on a daylight, so I missed it.

This is the Marina Bay Sands. I never been there yet. But you can snap the photo when you go to the Garden By The Bay. Easy peasy.

So for this year, I've managed to go few places which I've seen on TV and heard from people.
I also accomplished my goal to signed up for a gym.
I managed to run half of the trek at the sport field near where I lived.
I've overcome my fears of letting go a car and I am done dealing with the lawyer.
I started to write a short stories, which I always wanted to.
Not forgetting, I slowly overcome my fear. I learned that, no matter hard the situation is I must face my fear in order to move on.
I am also proud of myself as I do not survive through paycheck by paycheck anymore. I must say, I've started saving for the future just two months ago.
I do not go for shopping blindly. I buy what I need not what I wants.
I started to eat green. Which actually I hate the most, but I've learn about toxin and how it harm the body.
I've learned to take care and to love myself more  rather than pleasing everyone. And most importantly, I accept myself. I am beautiful in my own way :)

On top of everything, I am trying to go for a holiday.
I will need to learn to be more patience and trust.
I will need to be consistent on my gym.
Keeping praying for a miracle to come soon where I do not have to work 5.5 days anymore.
Visit my mom and my family more often. And take them for a holiday~ finger crossed!
Stop spending money intensively on body massage.
To start reading bible daily. Even for a short ones.
To start paying my debts.
Keep my skin routine consistently.
Buy present for my family and loved ones on their special day.
Be more generous and kind to needy people.
I will need to learn to say thank you and I am sorry when it needs.
Last but not least, put God at the first place in everything I do.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope the 2014 doesn't hurt you so much but brings more good memories inside your heart. May this 2015, will be your dream comes true!



  1. planning mau visit Singapore but dont know when..hihihi



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