Sunday, 28 December 2014

Gym Or Not To Gym

Last month I went back home to visit my mom. Guess what, she was complaining how fat I am since I've moved out from the country. I surely can figure out which part she is referring at. But I'll just keep it to myself.

It has been always my goal to get fit and healthy. But with the fat that I have now, I lose some confidence in me.

So, I told my boyfriend how much I hate my body and make a promise to him that I would be doing the Ogawa everyday even after I join the gym. For some reason, I am not sure why I need to assure him that I will be hitting the gym daily. Maybe perhaps, I am afraid to let him know that I will be spending money on some stupid stuffs? ( Because yeah, selalu shopping on something not useful kan..) Or maybe I am just too guilty to spend some money on something that I wasn't sure will work on me.

Well, a big tap to me. I finally in.

Been working out for almost three weeks now. But lately, I get lazy. However, I tried as hard as I can to erase the laziness that I have inside. Managed to shed some fats and lose about 2.5KGs.

I can tell, this is ain't that easy. With Christmas week, we received Turkey and Hams almost everyday. Not forgetting the cakes and chocolate. I then earned back my 2.5kgs back. Quite frustrating as it ain't that easy to shed some fat.

So back to the question, to gym or not to gym. My answer is - yes to gym. Your body stays longer than that luxury bag that you could ever imagine!

Stay fit and healthy!


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