Friday, 26 December 2014


And the street was cold. I am walking without knowing where to head for. It was raining the whole day. The street light was blurry. I got Bridgit Mendler in my player.

I need to stop. Somewhere. I need to stop somewhere. I am cold.

Feeling the warm tears dropping out. It struck me like a lightning. Knowing that everything was over. And, I won't have the nightmare anymore?

And after long waiting, I finally signed the paperwork. One good thing, I am free now. I am no longer belong to anyone else. But among all the freedom that I've managed to obtain, I've lost my soul.

"I wish I could tell you for the last time", I heard myself was mumbling.

"This is the courage that I have to take, and the soul that I need to let go".

I remember clearly, that morning as I woke up from deep sleep. The air that I breathe was same like any other days. Everything seem to be at the place. I grabbed my key and start the engine before I kissed her goodbye.

I read his text saying something hurtful. I wish I never ignored his text ever. I wish at some point, I could turned back time.

I remember that evening when I get home, the house was empty. For a moment, I am in denial. 

"Beep....Beep...hello it's Annie's house".

"Hey Annie, this is Kim. Look this may sound weird. But I just wanted to check if Amory is there?".

"Kim, ain't you suppose to be at the plane now?. I mean your daughter wasn't around...."

"Hello Kim. You there?...Kim?".

For a moment, I felt like I am lost. I felt like there were some short of oxygen pumping to my blood.

"What do you mean Annie?. There is no plane. Where is my daughter?!".

Tuuuuuuuut. The phone was hang up.

I remember that clearly. I remember that.

You've taking the whole of me.

To be continued.


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