Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Last Post To End 2014

When I am writing this, it's exactly 10 p.m here. Not even a new year yet.

Didn't do much thing this year unlikely last year which what I could remember - I spent my night just outside having some alcohol with Max just as soon I got off from the plane.

So, I went to the gym. Just thinking to shed some fats away since I've been eating bad this weeks. Particularly, since last week.

By the way, this is how my gym looks like. It's located somewhere at Fushionopolis. They do have branches at other place too. But what I loved being here is that, the place are quite big and they have their own balcony just for you to enjoy the scenery while doing your own Yoga or just feel like relaxing after long work out.

By the time I finished everything, its already like 5pm. Took a shower and headed home. I remember was eyeing some Barcardi last night. But after deep thought, I decided to stay healthy and start juicing. Haven't really start juicing but I will. I'll promise that to myself.

So was idling at home, thinking to dinner or just shake. Finally, I told myself ~~ let's go easy and slow.

This is how my dinner looks like. I found a new cafe just newly open few blocks away from where I stay. Not that kind of fancy restaurant. It just some cafe with Japanese concept.

I had my dinner for like two hours while having a smoothies as my desert. Shouldn't do that actually. Anyway, like I've said - let's go easy.

So, I've done my gym and I had my dinner as well. By the time I am writing this, I am also doing some face scrubs. I had the mask all over my face now. Sounds like so aunty hor??. Biarlah bah asal sa senang hati~~~

So this going to be my last post for the year. I guessed I've been writing this all over again and I always wished that things ended well. Although, this year wasn't that good but indeed it left me with some good memories as well as some lessons to learn. In fact, I am blessed because if it wasn't that bad experience, it won't bring me that far like now. And am glad.

Good night. Twenty Fifteen will be an awesome and blooming year!


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