Thursday, 1 January 2015

Mesclun with Caesar sauce

The thing about having green or salad compared taking rice as your main menu was that you don't feel guilty at the end of every meals. Recently, I always have this guilty everytime I took rice. It's not only that,  I do experience heaviness.  I felt like so heavy and lazy after having rice.

Last year of December,  I did lost about 2.5kgs within one or two weeks so. That was due to no rice and my cheat day only falls on weekends. I'd become consistent for 2 weeks but somehow I lost control and ever since I am back to rice.

Though my boyfriend is not really happy with my idea of switching to green, but I can't stop my fear of thinking being sick and unable to enjoy life in future. To be honest,  my cholesterol reading is bad so do my viseral fat. I can't live a life by someone else approval right?  Anyway,  even though boyfriend keep on  complaining about me not taking rice he somehow do give me a great support to exercise and keep fit.  By the way, everyone has their flaws.  Who doesn't.

So this is my first day of new year lunch and dinner. It's mesclun with some herbal chicken breast mix with feta cheese and beetroot. Added up some pumpkin seed and Caesar sauce.

Made a huge bowl of salads so that it makes me full and to avoid me from craving for sugars.

Just for a record,  I did my first juice today. It was a combination of navel oranges, carrot and beetroot. That's my dinner juice anyway.

So,  did you had a good time today?


  1.'re soooo good! I can't even parted with rice..even for a day. Macam x complete sy rasa.
    Same as you, I do feel heavier after consuming rice. Mesti mau try juga ni kan kasi less rice..hehe

    Chayo2! Lets get fit for 2015.

    1. Hi hi Fay. Yeah, it's hard for me to get rid of rice too. But am going to cut it slow. I don't want to be so hard to myself, furthermore nowadays I get sick and weak very fast. This is one of the reason why I chose to eat more green and learn to juice. Not a pro yet, but I believe it's not too late to start something good!

      Ba Mari fit!!!!



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