Thursday, 15 January 2015

Body Analysis

I come to know that it is important to have a body analysis from the expert. I did mine when I went for a body reshape.

The major problem which I am facing now is how to break that sweat as my body retention are quite high and it caused cellulite on both of my thigh.

One thing that I am happy to know was that - I am not a fatty meat.

And that, she gave me some useful tips which I can do to get rid away from this issues naturally.

She had advised me that I should do some crunches and running. Anything that can break the sweat. Stick to my green and do traditional massage twice a month. Apart from that, my therapist also suggest that I should do a hot yoga or sauna. Best if I can do this three times a week.

I am not sure with some of you out there but for me, it's ain't easy to break the sweat. Both of my legs ain't that strong enough even I've trained them for like six months now. But anyway, it showed some improvement though. Ain't that huge but it's better than nothing.

So, how many of you are still into fitness and juicing?. Am still.

Have a great day and here's some selfie of me. Lol~~


  1. Am still!

    HAHAA Participating in a lots of running event this year. Just to motivate myself and get more fit and healthy. :)

  2. Keep it up. Some improvement is better than none. I aim to participate in Sutera Habour's 7K Run this year. I haven't ran in months so I need to start slowly or else I'd hurt my ankle like the last time.

  3. like u say it better than nothing at least ada juga usaha mau stay fit ni..

  4. Good luck! I find that is almost impossible to get rid of :( haha.



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