Monday, 12 January 2015

Body Theraphy

Tomorrow will be my last day of therapy. I can't wait to end the therapy. For days, I got to stop my gym due to some body reshaping. Somehow, I miss running and spinning. Although am still a newbie but my determination are higher and am so dying to get fit and strong.

If any of you are wondering, no I am not going under the knife. I was just going through some detoxifying and body contour through body wrapping and sauna. Somehow, my therapist had told me that my body water retention are higher and it caused my thigh become weaken due to the blood circulation are not flowing at the right way. And because of that, every-time when I do running or spinning I will get a backbone pain and a tight weak thigh.

I requested for a G5 machine massage. Although it caused some of my body parts turned to blue black but the result was good compared to previously. At least some people noticed some changes on my body as early on the second day.

On my third day, I can't stand with the machine anymore and I requested her to do a hand massage. But I still continue with my body wrapping and sauna. For the first time, am sweating very hard. That's what I called, "my fat are crying".

I had my rest day on Saturday and Sunday.

And again, I did the same procedure today.

Too bad, my reading was bad. This must be because of my cheat day for two days plus with a slice of pizza which I had during tea time.

Silently, I am blaming myself for not able to control myself. But I remember my vow that I shouldn't treat myself so hard, that I should take everything slowly, that what matter is my health and happiness.

That I should remember the main reason I wanted to lose weight is because I wanted to keep fit and healthy.

Yes, I must take everything slowly and have patience on myself.

Let's do this slowly and stay natural!

So here I am today, feeling better a bit even-though I just ate a tomyum fried rice. But I believe, if I stop being too hard to myself,things will fall to the right places. Right???

Till then. Let's get fit and live healthy.


  1. wow. body wrapping and sauna sounds effective o. maybe i should try this therapy someday

    1. yeap,now in U.U they produce a product called wrapping and get fit. But mine one is not that advance like that la... just for some cheap wrapping and sauna only to reshape since alignment a bit run

  2. high 5! i'm also starting some new fitness routines too. gotta reshape my body. hehe. all the best!

    1. i am a fan for running already. but that advance yet but going there. love to see the sweat falling. And yes, thank you :) all the best to you too.



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