Thursday, 29 January 2015


As you know, I've been hitting gym since last year.And still I want to make a huge wow here about how much I've been losing fats ever since. Not much but 2.5kgs marks something to me. At least for somebody who loves food like me.

So, honestly I don't really do the cardio. What I did just a bit of running and spinning. That was all what happened on my first and second weeks at the gym. Beside, I skipped my dinner at night and replaced with banana shakes. Amazingly, I dropped 2.5kgs after two weeks within a month. But, let me tell you something - stop weighing yourself. I keep weighing myself and when I saw that figure dropping - I feel so excited that I've slowed down my gym routine.

I am failed again.

So I went for body re-structuring. But still, I am failed again. I lost my momentum. I became lazy. And I kept getting sick these days.

As I am scrolling my instagram, I keep on seeing something like,"no short cut, no diet pills. It won't be easy but it's absolutely worth it."

My man the other end, kept on pushing me to work out. Just imagine everyday he will question, "gym today?." Gosh, it's like a nightmare.

Gym today?Gym today?gym today?...OMIGOSH.

So, I get it started back again by hitting the gym class. I made myself available for every saturday class. That's for an hour bodyjam. It's a cardio body workout. Basically, it's a dance style stuff something like that. So will learn about match-up and dance for an hour. It was fun and I love it very much as I love dancing.

Then just this week, I make myself available for body attack. For me it's quite a hardcore and intense sport cardio workout. But be well prepared as it's a non stop training for an hour. I would suggest this workout if you are serious in losing weight but please stop weighing yourself.

So I've marked my calender. I am going to weight myself after three months from the day I started seriously 28/1/2015. Why that date?. Because that was the day when I chose to enroll myself for an intense cardio training.

By the way, I am experiencing muscle pain now. Whole body was like shaking.

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  1. Don't give up. Even if you fail keep trying if that's your goal. But always love yourself! Don't do it for the weight, do it to stay healthy.
    Obsessed Fasion Blog

    1. Hey Euge!

      Thanks for dropping by. Yup, shdnt weight, do it for the health. Good thing happened when you less expecting.



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