Friday, 2 January 2015

Morning Glory - Beetroot + Oranges + Carrot

I was actually having some mild fever today after my lunch hour.  My mother used to advise me when I was little that I should avoid some ice cold water drinks during menses. But when I woke up this morning I felt so uneasy and heaty.

So,  I ignored what I'd been taught -  thinking that I am strong and nothing bad could possibly happen.

But here I am now,  lying on my bed and was typing a post for this blog with my MI 3.

Anyway, the main reason why this post is exist today was I did my second juice this evening. I learned some new first recipe from the Nets and it calls 'morning glory'.  Which actually suppose to be drink in the morning. Tapi tidak apalah, Cuba-Cuba Bukan Salah pun.

Sorry, I don't have a clear glass here at home. Just pour the juice inside my coffee mug. Will shop for a clear glass this weekend  so I can show a little bit of skin, LoL~~~

So this is oranges mixed with beetroot and carrot. It said that,  carrot helps to reduce water retention and beetroot are good for high blood pressure. While oranges have the same function like lemon. Please, please correct me if am wrong.  But I've been reading too many information lately I am afraid I might jumbled up. So, do excuse me and correct me if there's some information was wrong.

Okay,  this is my second attempt.  I blended two oranges and one small baby carrot and one beetroot. I suggest not to use too much beetroot. This is to keep the taste balance.

Being greedy, I put too much beetroot in my first attempt last night and my juice was a bit bitter but still taste nice and Nyummy.

My comment - the taste is refreshing and makes me stop from craving for sugar.

Ba mari fit !! Gotta back to sleep now.


  1. YUMMM.

    I'm also getting back on track with clean eat. HAHA After pigging out during Christmas & NY, memang naik cepat oh berat. T.T

    Bah, Jom get fit!

    1. Hi Fay...

      The taste is nyummy. Must try.

      I am taking it slowly as I don't want to be so hard to myself.

      But on weekend is my cheat day. :)



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